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RNG Certificate

get rng certificate for games

MBHiTech’s Random Number Generator (RNG) Certification

We pride ourselves on the high standards our own software. Our software is designed in a way that all in-game activities such as shuffling and dealing of cards are completely random, thanks to our highly enlightened Random Number Generator (RNG). MBHiTech TestLabs is experienced gaming testing laboratory in India. We have been serving gaming industry and our experience, expertise and dedication in this enlightened and evolving market ensure we always exceed client expectations.

MBHiTech is experienced in Test Driven Development and many other development and Quality Assurance methodologies. Our Quality Assurance services and gaming testing frameworks are comprehensive, spanning the entire Software Test Life Cycle. MBHiTech is also flexible enough to meet the needs of product companies that have just one or two specific requirements. MBHiTech provides testing and certification services to operators, platform providers and regulators to ensure effective end-to-end compliance online. Performing functional compliance testing of games, technical and transactional audits.

MBHiTech have done RNG audits on most platform including of C, C++, Java, PHP, C#, Javascript, Node js, etc, we have the industry best standard practices followed for auditing a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Internal state of the RNG

Cycling and Reseeding

Frequency of numbers, pairs

Statistical randomness

Unpredictability Test


Re-seeding and cycling

Poker test