Biopharmaceutical Bioseparation Systems Market Analysis by Market Players, Size, Share, Growth Rate, Opportunities, Drivers, and Risk Factor Forecast to 2024

The global market for Biopharmaceutical Bioseparation Systems is projected to reach US$12.1 billion by 2024

Biopharmaceutical bioseparation is a process of purifying or separating a biological product or biopharmaceutical of interest such as a monoclonal antibody, protein, and cells on a large scale from a complex mixture of biomolecules. These purified biopharmaceuticals are then used for their chemical properties such as neurological activity, antibacterial activity, and metabolic activity.

Bioseparation involves separation of a biomolecule from a complex mixture of various biomolecules. In the area of biopharmaceuticals, bioseparation involves purification of biological products by employing scientific and engineering principles on a large-scale with an aim to obtain cells, cell parts and molecules in purified fractions for the production of biological drugs. Also called downstream processing in the manufacture of biological products, bioprocessing represents an expensive, complex and time-consuming stage in the production of biological products such as biopharmaceuticals.


The life sciences sector comprises of pharmaceutical, biotech, and health care segments. It is generating significant revenue globally. This has been partly attributed to emerging markets and positive demographics in those markets as well as due to global leading-edge research resulting in blockbuster innovations. These innovations are facilitated by rigorous R&D efforts by global players and academia in all the segments. The world of medicine has seen a new wave of therapies that are specific and targeted to a particular patient. Demand for more targeted biological solutions is likely to increase significantly, as drugs and therapies evolve to meet demand for a more targeted approach.

Growing Market for Biological Drugs

   Emergence of new biological drugs such as vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, and advent of biosimilars or generic biological drugs are driving production of these drugs. Membranes are increasingly being used in the development of pharmaceuticals, right from laboratory research to industrial production of drugs.

Robust Biopharmaceutical Pipeline & Continuous Technology Advancements


       Various techniques or systems are available for bioseparation, the market for biopharmaceutical bioseparation systems primarily include chromatography systems, centrifuges, and membranes/filters that represent the most commonly used products that find use in various applications of the bioprocessing chain. 

Advancements are underway in terms of product developments and innovations. Significant emphasis is being placed on optimizing and streamlining existing methods. A key development driving growth in the market is the development of alternatives to Protein A based purification in affinity chromatography.

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The trend is also spurred by the slew of new regulations and increasing focus on production eciency and product quality. A key development driving growth in the market is the development of alternatives to Protein A based purication in anity chromatography.

The biopharmaceutical bioseparation systems market can be divided into chromatography technique, membrane-based bioseparation, centrifugation technology, cell disruption technology, precipitation, extraction technique, and filtration technologies. Separation technologies available for bioseparation include mechanical techniques such as micro-, ultraand nanofiltration, deep bed filtration, cross-flow filtration (both static and dynamic), electrofiltration and centrifugation (filtration and sedimentation). Using a variety of polymer membranes or ceramics can often cause plugging and fouling. Several chemical and thermal separation techniques are used for bioprocesses including reverse osmosis, ionexchange, chromatography, electrophoresis, crystallization and extraction.

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North America is projected to be the most lucrative market for biopharmaceutical bioseparation systems during the forecast period due to high production capabilities and high per capita health care expenditure. Launch of new, innovative products and an expanding skill base in North America implies that more people in the region will have access to powerful technology during the forecast period. The biopharmaceutical bioseparation systems market in the region is well-developed as compared to others.

The U.S. and Europe are the most attractive markets for biopharmaceutical bioseparation systems. This is attributed to these regions being in the forefront of medicinal export and import, with many key biopharmaceutical companies located in these regions.


Some of the major players in this market are Agilent Technologies, Inc., Pall Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Tosoh Bioscience, Inc., Merck Kgaa, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., 3M Company, Dow Chemical Company, Prometic Life Sciences Inc., Qiagen N.V.


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