About Us

Online FreePRNews.com founder MBHiTech Solutions have extensive knowledge of both traditional and search engine marketing. The two combined their knowledge to create an affordable press release distribution site with the features they and their clients desired most. Hence, Online FreePRNews.com was born — a news announcement broadcasting solution that offers a perfect blend of traditional PR and SEO marketing. Online FreePRNews.com offers affordable multimedia press releases that achieve high search engine visibility — putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time. We’ve combined all of the features that internet marketers, business owners, and journalists have asked for in an online press release distribution site.

Distribute Information Quickly and Inexpensively
Our unique service allows you to distribute press releases to search engines, social media and websites to help increase awareness of your product, company or service, all for free! For a small fee you can upgrade your submission for maximum exposure. A concept known as search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization so you can get the most publicity possible.

User-Friendly Submission Process
Our simple submissions process takes minutes, not hours. Attach logos or images to your press releases so they’re easy for visitors to access. Your website can also be displayed within the press release to make it easy for readers to find you!

We appreciate your interest in FreePRNews.com and look forward to being a valuable resource for you. If you have any questions, please contact our help desk. You may also subscribe to recent press releases updates by using our subscription form.